DESIGN Portfolio


  • Major Arkfall: Huge dynamic event featuring a complex, large-scale boss fight that balance scales based on players’ success through waves

  • Arkfall Levels: Added with our first DLC, these arkfalls spawn dynamically or can be summoned by players, providing entry to unique levels with boss fights

  • Weapons: This video highlights some of the more unique weapons and the how they can be modded

  • Mods & Upgrading: An overview video that covers how players can modify and upgrade their weapons

Planetside 2

  • New Player Experience: With the release of the PlayStation 4, we examined our new player falloff and determined that changes must be made to lower the barrier to entry. To do this, we added a new continent and paced out access to advanced gameplay features. For a more detailed breakdown, read this post from level designer Alex Clauss.

  • Construction System: PlanetSide 2 is a game that thrives on emergent behavior and giving player’s agency to tackle a largescale battlefield with a variety of strategies, including roles that aren’t based on having e-sports level FPS skills. To encourage this and give players more tools in their tactical and strategic toolbox, we added the construction system.


Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

  • Lightsaber Dueling: This minigame pits players against each other or AI in a fierce pattern-matching battle

  • Starfighter: A take on the classic on-rails space shooters

  • Stunt Gungan: The video shows it all…

  • Housing: A tour of player created houses using blocks and other objects we provided


  • Instant Adventure: This feature stitches together quest chains in an open world. I worked with the team to prototype and populate content.

  • Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle: Chronicles are 2 player versions of raids added to allow all players to experience the content with changes made to the levels and narrative context. In this level, the maze layout element changes based on the players’ progression through the level.

  • Hammerknell Chronicle: In this level, I added various mechanics or NPC assistance to provide narrative context for allowing a single or duo to complete raid content.


Free Realms

  • Game Overview: This video goes over the game when it was released

  • Postman Class: An entire non-combat class with full progression and a variety of activities. I did extensive prototyping on a Paperboy style scripted in-world minigame to deliver mail.

  • Combat Encounter: This video shows a class I worked on, a level I designed and implemented, scripting, and AI behaviors

EverQuest II

  • Leviathan Raid: In this raid that I designed and scripted, the players must pick up items and equip them to be eaten by the boss. From within the boss the players can do massive damage.

  • High End Raid Zone: This playlist is a tour of the bosses of Veeshan’s Peak, the final raid zone in the game’s fourth expansion. It featured 12 unique dragon boss fights that I designed and implemented, tuned for 48 players.

  • Frostfell Event: Christmas themed event that I fully designed, implemented, and scripted